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Description of GameSense - Video Game News, Reviews, And Videos

GameSense is social gaming news, videos, and reviews. You can write reviews, post news links, and post videos.

Keep track of your video games by adding them to your backlog as following, playing, completed, or dropped. Your video game news and releases can be filtered by what's on your backlog. Never miss a game again and keep track of your games.

GameSense is also a database of all video games. Find video games from the past, present, and future on any gaming device, and you can rate them, post about them, or update descriptions and game information.

React to posts and rate games to change their scores. GameSense lets you help give video games proper scores by giving you the chance to rate them and react to news, reviews, and videos.

Add tags to games and posts. Tags on posts are used to break down a score so you can see why gamers have given a game a score. For example, you can see a game's story or controls are either good or bad based on post tags and gamer reactions to posts.

We are working hard to create something unique for gamers. Something more than just a forum where discussions about video games happen. Tools to manage your video games, the power to change video game scores without having to write reviews, freedom to discuss games you love.

GameSense is built by gamers in the USA. We are lifelong gamers and we are evolving user reviews, news, and videos into something more powerful to give gamers a voice.

We look forward to you joining us in our mission to bring honest opinions about over-rated games, show gamers under-appreciated games, and more.

The app is a client for the website. You can use your account with the app, or join GameSense with the app and use the website as well. The app is a great way to write little reviews when you're on the couch playing games and you feel like you just need to share your thoughts on something interesting that's just happened in the game you're playing.

Our mission is to make review scores for games meaningful and to be used to sort and filter video games like never before. makes it easy for you to participate in changing gaming rankings and scores by rating games, reviewing them, reacting to posts, or posting news and videos about them. We've created the best tools to help you explore video games and find good stuff to play!

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